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Messages from the CEO | New Year's Resolution - "Embrace Change"
Change is not always easy and not always welcome. Human nature seems to adapt to the status quo of living with familiar, comfortable routines. Many of us wake at the same time each morning, enjoy breakfast, drive the same route to work...
Real Issues of CFPB
Craig's Chews

We’ve probably chewed enough over the past year that we can get down to the real issues of CFPB. Let’s get down into the trenches where all of us need help. August 1, 2015, is less than 8 months away. By now everyone should know about CFPB and what it means, but is everyone doing something about it, or just hoping others will lead the way and you will follow...

Motivational Monday | Removing the Worries
Motivational Monday

Our industry is an industry that is always changing and evolving, which creates many things to worry about. If you worry about the things you can control and try not to worry about the issues you cannot control; I think you would be surprised how much more productive and less stressed you will be. It is amazing how...

Underwriting Q&A | Probating Wills
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: You may have heard the following phrase from an attorney, “You cannot probate a will if more than four years have elapsed since the decedent’s death.” Is this fact or fiction?

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Latest News | FREE Continuing Education Courses
Latest News

January is a great time to catch up on items that need to get accomplished—including getting the required continuing education hours to maintain your escrow license...

FIRST NEWS Archives | December 2014

Messages from the CEO | Happy Holidays!
Reflecting on the Past and Looking to a Bright Future
Motivational Monday | Constructive Criticism
Underwriting Q & A | Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Claim
Latest News | Are You Green?

Industry News

How to cure 8 symptoms of an expired home listing
3 Tips for pet owners when purchasing a home
Percentage of underwater homes drops to 10%
5 Home projects only a professional should do

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