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Messages from the CEO | What Did We Do in 2014?
We set very aggressive growth goals for our team at the beginning of 2014. We established initiatives to review and improve our operating system, our ICL/CPL interface and our remittance process. Our IT team developed a custom mobile app (FIRST app) and the quality assurance audit team conducted a record number of audits...
CFPB | De-Coder Ring
Craig's Chews

This past holiday season, I watched ALL of “A Christmas Story”. I had seen bits and pieces of the story and had heard more bits and pieces growing up, but I never thought it had a place at work. At least not until I saw it and CFPB came around. You know that “de-coder ring” Ralphie mailed away for, and was so happy when he got it so he could decode the message? And the message was (skip to the next sentence if you don’t want to know the secret)...

Motivational Monday | Attitude
Motivational Monday

Mondays are rough days. You have just spend a great weekend with family or friends doing what you want to do, only to return to the work that killed you on Friday. We work hard to provide a service to our customers every day, and sometimes we get run down and tired...

Underwriting Q&A | Reverse Mortgage Forms
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: Since Reverse Mortgages are not covered by the new TILA-RESPA Rule, does a lender have the option to use the new Integrated Disclosure Forms (Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure) on these transactions?

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Latest News | Corrections Can Now Be Made to FNTI Insured Closing Letters
Latest News

In case you missed Agency Bulletin 2014-07 sent out in December, you now have the ability to change information on FNTI insured closing service letters (ICSL) without having...

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