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MARCH 2015


Messages from the CEO | Business is Booming

If the first two months of 2015 are any indication of what we have in store for the industry over the next ten months, it will be another record year for our agents and First National Title. I am amazed by the number of positive comments and optimistic results our agents have shared with me this year. Many agents are not used to seeing these types of orders in January and February. And the net effect of these glowing reviews will not even impact FNTI for 30 – 45 days. Yet, our net revenues when compared to February of 2014 have increased 61%....

CFPB | Three-Day Closing Disclosure Rule
Craig's Chews

Isn’t Chicken Fried Peanut Butter (cfpb) easier to swallow than Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)? How long does it take to digest cfpb? How long does it take to digest CFPB? THREE BUSINESS DAYS!!! Let me try to assist your digestion of this. Under the Three-Day Closing Disclosure Rule, in order for a closing to be held on Thursday, evidence of disclosures are due on Monday. For a closing on...

Motivational Monday | How Can I Make a Difference Today?
Motivational Monday

I recently read a startling statistic. 89% of firings in America are due to poor attitude and not from lack of job skills. There was no age criteria in this stat but this is interesting, because what is the cause of the poor attitude? Could it be the boss or other employees are bringing the attitude down? Our attitude is something we should continue to monitor, but how often...

Underwriting Q&A | Revision of the "Prepayment Penalty"
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: The FHA has always required borrowers to pay interest through month end, irrespective of the actual date the payoff was received by the lender, when a borrower paid a loan off prior to maturity. Did the CFPB revision of the definition of “prepayment penalty” under the Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage rules mean that the FHA regulation which authorized the collection of interest through month end on payoffs was prohibited as a prepayment penalty under CFPB rules?

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Latest News | Can the Name of Your Street Impact It's Value?
Latest News

The analysis of data used to estimate and analyze home values showed that certain patterns emerge concerning street names and how homes are valued according to an article in The New York Times The article authors found three items concerning the relationship between names and values...

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