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APRIL 2015

Messages from the CEO | Financial Stability Rating (FSR) of A-Exceptional

There were lots of high fives and a few hoots of celebration at First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) last month when we received notice that Demotech had assigned us an A-Exceptional rating. For three years we had been building a company where revenues, profitability, and stability consistently grew. Although we felt deserving of an A-Exceptional rating in 2013, we patiently waited for the three years of “seasoning” Demotech requires of new companies. When that milepost finally came, the good news arrived as well...

CFPB | Customer Complaints
Craig's Chews

“The truth, the truth, you can’t handle the truth!” So therein lays a case to file a complaint. Seldom are we complaining with protests, sit-ins, and lock-outs like the 60’s. Or yelling, “Where’s the beef?” But the thrill of filing a complaint in order to make a point, or get someone, anyone, in trouble, makes us feel powerful and good. I’ll show them, I’ll file a complaint! Gone are the days of hearing out the upset customer, taking a Xanax and moving on with the day...

Motivational Monday | Winning Habits
Motivational Monday

My 12-year-old son Will has been playing competitive golf for about a year. He is a perfectionist. This characteristic started back in Kindergarten. When he would clean out his backpack...

Underwriting Q&A | What do I need to Know about CFPB?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: What do I need to know about CFPB?

A: The CFPB is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is an independent bureau within the Federal Reserve System, created by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted in 2010 and implemented the most significant changes...

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Latest News | Is Your Housing Market Affordable?
Latest News

When considering buying a first home, experts typically agree that the target ratio of mortgage-to-income affordability should be 28 percent or about one-third of your annual income. There are many markets where homes can be found at this price point, but there are also those that are completely unaffordable to first-time homebuyers as well as others in the housing market...

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