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JUNE 2015
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FNTI Attends the TLTA Conference at the Gaylord Texan Resort!
CEO, Chris Phillips Visits Guarantee Title in Wichita Falls!
Messages from the CEO | ATRA Conference Convenes in Chicago

This year the American Title Reinsurance Alliance (ATRA) members gathered in sunny Chicago, IL. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the addition of new members, current reinsurance trends, the state of the reinsurance industry and new coverages available to the ATRA members. In addition to the reinsurance we have with Lloyd’s of London, First National Title is looking at insurance products that will allow you to comply with the ALTA Best Practices and CFPB requirements....

CFPB | New Closing Disclosure
Craig's Chews

When I was growing up, I always loved eating alphabet soup. When my mother served it, I knew that she was challenging me to spell words with the letters in the soup. Little did I know that I should have been forming acronyms instead! Acronyms are a part of our lives now—everybody knows some of them, but none of us know them all. This is from a person who thought “LOL” was “lots of love.”...

Motivational Monday | Giving with a Gracious Heart
Motivational Monday

Winning is very important, but what about how you play the game? Last month I talked about my son in his golf competitions. (If you have not read last month’s blog, go back and read it. It’s a good one.) I would like to add, teaching him that winning is important and creating winning habits is great, but it is a lot about the way you play along the way I think matters most...

Underwriting Q&A | What Changes in the new Closing Disclosure WILL NOT require a new 3-day review period?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: CFPB: What changes in the new Closing Disclosure WILL NOT require a new 3-day review period?
A: By now we have all been hit over the head with the fact that a change in the new Closing Disclosure (which goes into effect for closed-in loan applications taken August 1, 2015 or later) requires a re-disclosure and potentially a new 3-day review period. However, keep in mind that while all changes trigger a re-disclosure, it is a myth that all changes also trigger a new 3-day review period...

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Latest News | What Do You Want to Know?
Latest News
There are many things to consider when shopping for a new home including location, school district, square footage, neighborhoods, etc. Before starting the home search, you need to find an expert that can help you on the financial side. A mortgage professional can figure out just how much home you can really afford, uncover mistakes on your credit that need to be corrected, and determine the type of loan best suited for your situation. Although some of this information can be done by filling out forms on a website, an actual person can direct you to the best deal that is offered at that time...
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Messages from the CEO | FNTI Announces New Mexico State Counsel Members + Visit our Team at the New Mexico Land Title Association's Annual Conference
CFPB | New Closing Disclosure
Motivational Monday | Giving with a Gracious Heart
Underwriting Q & A | Impact of Multiple Credit Score Inquiries by Mortgage Lenders
Latest News | What Do You Want to Know?

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