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APRIL 2016  
Out & About...
Julia Griffin, Escrow Officer, Chris Phillips, DJ Horn, Eric Nelson, Escrow Officer and Kolter Lukert, President and CEO at Guarantee Title’s Taco Tuesday in Wichita Falls.

Chris Phillips, Jane Privitt (President of Elliott & Waldron Abstract Co. of Palo Pinto, Inc.), husband, Wendell Privitt and DJ Horn at the Texas Rangers Baseball Game.


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Messages from the CEO | Additional Resources Available to FNTI Agents

I am pleased to announce the recent addition of two new staff members to the First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) team. Over the past few years, FNTI has consistently grown at a rate of 30 percent each year. This rapid expansion creates a couple of issues—an opportunity to further increase our market share with the addition of key people and a growing demand on our support staff. Fortunately, we experienced both situations in the first quarter of 2016...

George's Update | Run the Play
George's Update

Playbook, script, road map, and owner’s manual—these are just a few of the many terms that describe a document from which a plan of attack can be executed for any successful organization or person. We at FNTI also have a plan of action to succeed. You, our agents, get most of the credit for this success, but we also have a Playbook we are proud to present to you. My oldest son, Andy, is getting his master’s degree in astro philosophy (don’t ask), and this reminded me of what happened to Jerry McGuire when he did something similar. Our Playbook provides the reader insight into what, for lack of a better term, makes us “tick”...

DJ's Motivational Monday | Connection is the Key
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's
People need connection to bond together, which is key to providing a sense of trust, confidence, and inclusion. Why do you think so many people use social media? To connect. Establishing a connection with First National Title Insurance Company, our employees, and our agents was the reason for last month’s celebration of Independent Agents’ Month. We want our connection on Facebook and Linkedin to establish a personal bond and provide another avenue for providing information that will interest you. It was such a treat to see the pictures...
Underwriting Q&A | If a person owns separate property, what, if anything, is needed for title insuring purposes from the spouse when the property is being sold or when insuring a lien securing a loan?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: If a person owns separate property, what, if anything, is needed for title insuring purposes from the spouse when the property is being sold or when insuring a lien securing a loan?
A: Keep in mind that only one spouse’s name on the deed does not automatically create separate property. In states with community property laws, property acquired while married...

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Latest News | TDI Reports Violations from Annual Compliance Audits
Latest News
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) conducts annual compliance audits on title agents and completed audits on 567 agents through its fourth quarter ending August 2015. Ninety percent of the agents audited in that year had been audited within the previous two years. Below is a list of the most frequent violations or discrepancies with the numbers representing the number of agencies where the infraction occurred and not the number of times it occurred. Take a look at your company’s procedures and make sure you have systems in place so that it doesn’t contribute to this list of violations...
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Messages from the CEO | Independent Agents' Month
George's Update | Independent
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday | Happy Independent Agents' Month!
Underwriting Q & A | Regarding FIRPTA, is a title agent required to complete the IRS forms and determine the amount to be withheld when a foreign person is selling property?
Latest News | Thanks for Participating in our FIRST Independent Agents' Month Celebration!

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