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Playing in the Land Title Association of Arizona Golf Tournament at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona yesterday! It is always a pleasure to spend quality time with friends in our industry. (Pictured: DJ Horn, Terry Hastings – Western Regional Title, and Jim and Laurie Stamas – American Title Service Agency) 

Century Oaks Title expands! Congratulations to Cindy Vo and team on the opening of their new Richardson office. Pictured: Gabe Winslow, Suzanne Tinsley, Cindy Vo and Wes Foerster. 


Chris Phillips represented the Texas Land Title Association at the 2016 North Central Texas Courthouse Stewardship Workshop. Pictured: James Malanaphy, AIA, THCPP and Peggy Riddle, Museum Director Denton County Office of History and Culture and Chris Phillips, President-elect of the TLTA and President of FNTI. 


Chris Phillips, George Stablein and Suzanne Tinsley joined Sewell Title of Fort Worth for the “Popsicles on the Patio” event.  What a fun way to cool down on the last day of summer.


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Messages from the CEO | Managing the Growing Pains - Setting Expectations

As companies expand their territories, add staff, and push the limits of their resources (sound familiar?), they are often challenged to maintain the same character, philosophy, and ideals that were the source of their success in the first place.  In our current economic environment, I have seen many of our agents face these issues.  The decision to add staff or a branch location has its own set of economic criteria to consider.  But how do you incorporate that employee or office into “your” employee or office?  Is making them “yours” your definition of success?  Or should that employee and office remain true to what made them successful?  Maybe the solution isn’t to transform...

George's Update | Calendar
George's Update

Last month I talked about my watch and thanked you for letting us be a part of your experience. I am convalescing today.  Don’t ask—I’ll live, but I am a man (or an overgrown boy depending who you ask), so a big baby by genetic disposition. I was looking at my calendar at what we’ve done so far this year and also getting the lay-of-the-land regarding what is coming up for the rest of 2016. As I reviewed my calendar, it hit me on the “cool stuff” you allow First National Title Insurance (FNTI) to be a part of your experience...

DJ's Motivational Monday | Passion is our Value
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's

The title industry is full of passionate people who care about providing quality work to the consumers purchasing real estate.  I travel four states visiting First National Title Insurance agents and have yet to find one that is not completely devoted to the above.  It seems our industry is always under attack from multiple sides.  The value of the title industry, we all know, is our ability to search the records to assure the consumers their transactions are insurable.  Being the disinterested third party that transfers ownership with accuracy...

Underwriting Q&A | Have there been any updates to TRID?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: Have there been any updates to TRID?
A: No. However, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) has proposed various amendments to disclosure requirements under TRID. In its July 29th press release the CFPB stats that “The proposed amendments are intended to formalize guidance in the rule, and provide greater clarity and certainty.” The following proposed amendments were included...

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Latest News | Breaking News on the Texas Deregulation Issue
Latest News

In a surprising yet positive development, last Friday, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly to remove “Title Insurance Reform” from their 2017 legislative agenda. This was considered a big win in the recent attack against our Texas title insurance system of “re-regulating” our premium rate structure.  The Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) has been working for months to educate not only TAB leaders, but also elected officials and our business and industry partners about the success of our current system...

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Messages from the CEO | Real Estate Market & FNTI Business Showing No Signs of Slowing Down
George's Update: Keeps on Ticking
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's | "Teamwork"
Underwriting Q&A | Is there a new reporting requirement issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for closings on some properties in Texas and Florida to aid in the collection of information for financial crimes enforcement?
LATEST NEWS: FNTI's Future is Bright in Sunny State of Florida

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