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Jamie Barker, FNTI’s AVP Agency Services Manager, met with the other members of the TLTA Basic Manual Task Force to continue their ongoing work on this extensive but important project. During these meetings, the team works on rewriting portions of the reorganized Manual, specifically parts of Section 3 on handling escrows and preparing settlement statements. The ultimate goal for the committee is to promulgate a Basic Manual that is both logical and user friendly. We appreciate Jamie’s contribution to our industry!
DJ Horn & Chris Phillips visiting the Arrowhead office of Pioneer Title Agency. Pictured left to right: Laura Gonzales, Lisa Bonner, Cathy Mauro, DJ as “Mr. T”, Charis Keller, Patty Aquino, Michelle Medina and Martha Noriega.

George Stablein and Suzanne Tinsley attended the recent Ribbon Cutting of the latest Texas Title office in Denton, Texas. Texas Title has assembled some of the industries’ top personnel to insure the quality of service to its customers, and the new Denton team serves as a shining example of this model. FNTI wishes this new location much success. 

DJ Horn and Chris Phillips visit the Sonoran Village offices of Pioneer Title Agency. (Pictured left to right: Eron Walsh, Monique Minor, Sandra Bay, Dena Hernandez and Chris Phillips. Not pictured: Cathy Weir, and Michele Stalker)

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Messages from the CEO | FNTI Reports 56% Increase in Revenue & Income in 2016

After a year of dedicated effort by every member of the First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) team, I am pleased to report our results for 2016. FNTI grew revenues to $78 million, which represent an increase of 56 percent over our 2015 revenue figures. This incredible growth rate is a tribute to you, our independent agents, and your tremendous support last year. I am thankful for every one of our milestones and recognize that they are only possible because of the hard working independent agent family that chooses FNTI on a daily basis. The message that we envisioned five years ago has not changed. We created FNTI to support and service the independent agents. Our independent-agent model is more important than ever...

George's Updates | "How"
George's Update

In my last Blog, I set forth the proposition that for the rest of the year I would give you ways (or “how”) First National Title Insurance (FNTI) can be of service to you and your work family. Abraham Lincoln said, “My best friend is one who gave me a book I ain’t read.” Yes, he did said, “ain’t.” (Interesting fact:  My grandfather was named after Abraham Lincoln, as he was born on the same day 100 years later!). This month, we will talk about education and its place in your professional development and your work families. The more you know and learn about your chosen profession, the better you are able to grow—it’s that simple. Here are some examples of how FNTI can be of service to you in this endeavor: 1. Our monthly webinars on the third Tuesday of each month have provided over 1,200 hours of continuing education to our FNTI agent family. 2. We have 18 TREC-approved courses...

DJ's Motivational Monday | The Power of Positive...
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's

I have been working on looking at the world through a different lens. I am sure you remember the book “The Little Engine that Could.”  My grandmother would read this book to me all the time in hopes that the message would sink in. I guess it has because I still think about the book’s main message even today. With that in mind, what makes a winner?  The power of positive thinking is what makes 90% of the difference and provides the drive to finish at the top of the hill.  All of us in the title industry have to look at the world in the present or the “right now”, and what needs to be done at this moment. With all the pressure that is placed upon us to meet so many requirements, it is easy to be weighed down by all of the negativity.  There are people who live in the past and stay negative about former events. Then, there are people who live in the...

Underwriting Q&A | When closing a sale or refinance transaction for clients who have a HARP loan in addition to their primary mortgage, is the payoff statement for the HARP loan included in the payoff statement received by the primary lender?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: When closing a sale or refinance transaction for clients who have a HARP loan in addition to their primary mortgage, is the payoff statement for the HARP loan included in the payoff statement received by the primary lender?

A: No. HARP is a federal lending program established in March of 2009. In a nutshell, HARP loans are intended to assist distressed homeowners who are behind on their primary mortgage by providing federal funds used to bring their primary mortgage current and in good standing. Recently we have seen several occurrences of escrow officers assuming that the payoff statement for the primary mortgage included the balance due for the HARP loan, only to have HUD notify the new insured...

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Messages from the CEO | FNTI Expands Legal Staff
George's Update: My Fellow Americans...
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's | How Fit is our Company?
Underwriting Q&A | When a Texas licensed broker receives earnest money, how long does the broker have to deposit the funds into a trust account or deliver the funds to an ascrow agent?
LATEST NEWS: FNTI Hires Sean Everest as Underwriting Counsel

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