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Suzanne Tinsley and Sean Everest enjoyed a festive night with Legend Title and Abstract in Laredo, Texas, commemorating Dia de la Independencia, Independence Day, a Mexican holiday to celebrate the “cry of independence”. Legend Title hosted their local real estate industry friends at their main office location for this popular annual event. 


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Messages from the CEO | Helping our Family of Independent Agents Affected by Hurricane Harvey 

First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) has a mission. That mission is to support the independent agents throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida. And now, more than ever, our independent agents in the gulf region of Texas need our support. You should have already received notice that we set up a website for contributions to a fund to aid those agents directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Please review the site carefully. In addition to your donation, you can determine the percentage you are comfortable giving the site sponsor by selecting the “tip” of your choice

While some of the agent’s offices survived with minor damage, many of their employees’ homes were destroyed by the flooding.  We have determined that the FNTI family of independent agents has 14 companies with offices in the 50+ gulf-region counties that were declared disaster areas...

DJ's Motivational Monday | "Hurricane Harvey: Healing Needs for Houston"
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's

Last Friday afternoon I sat in the Jacksonville airport dealing with an extremely delayed flight because of a broken plane. As I sat in the terminal and watched Hurricane Harvey make landfall in South Texas, I quickly changed my perspective when I realized what was to come for the residents along the Texas coast. It is now a week later, the destruction in Aransas and flooding in Houston and Southeast Texas due to Harvey are the worst I have seen in my lifetime.

In January 2016, I wrote a blog, “Adversity Defines Us,” about the tornado that hit Rowlett, Texas, a few miles from my home, and the outpouring of assistance the community rallied to provide to heal the area. I saw that with my own eyes and helped where I could. The images we have all seen on television of South Texas this week are so much worse and far more widespread. Words cannot begin to describe the magnitude of the recovery that will be needed. There has been a tremendous response of people who have heeded the call from as far away as Oregon. They have loaded up their trucks and boats and traveled to help the city of Houston...

Underwriting Q&A | Is there a redemption period when a Tax Lien Deed of Trust is foreclosed in Texas?
Underwriting Q&A's

Q: Is there a redemption period when a Tax Lien Deed of Trust is foreclosed in Texas?

A: Yes, Section 32.06 of the Texas Tax Code delineates the requirements for a person/entity to pay the ad valorem taxes of another person and take a transfer of the tax lien, subject to a one year wait on any foreclosure proceeding and subject to the redemption rights in the foreclosed property owner as follows:

(k) Beginning on the date the foreclosure deed is recorded, the person whose property is sold as provided by Subsection (c) or the mortgage servicer of a prior recorded lien against the property is entitled to redeem the foreclosed property from the purchaser or the purchaser’s successor by paying the purchaser or successor:

(1) 125 percent of the purchase price during the first year of the redemption period or 150 percent of the purchase price during the second year of the redemption period with cash or cash equivalent funds; and; 

(2) the amount reasonably spent by the purchaser in connection with the property as costs within the meaning of Section 34.21(g) and the legal judgment rate of return on that amount...

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