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FNTI was in full participation at the TLTA Land Title School in February, 2018. This year the team proudly provided committee members, instructors, scholarships, a sponsorship of the newly created TLTA University and also sent two actual attendees of the school.


This month’s FNTI webinar on the topic of bankruptcy had a special guest drop by.  Harrison Smith, one of the in-house attorneys and Arlington, Texas office manager of Texas Secure Title Company, joined George Stablein, EVP of FNTI, to discuss what the title professional should know about bankruptcy.  We always welcome having guests, and we also enjoy presenting our webinars onsite at our Agents’ locations too.  If you are interested in hosting one of our monthly webinars, please contact us at


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Messages from the CEO | 100 Percent Increase in Revenue from 2015 - 2017

When First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) wrapped up our books in 2015, we were slightly disappointed to have just missed reaching $50 million in gross revenues. It was a psychological mark that we were striving to reach. However at $49,980,000, we rounded up and felt very good about our agents and the efforts we made to help them grow their companies. Two years later we found ourselves in a similar situation. This time, we were striving to reach that magical $100 million mark. Again, we just missed it a $97,500,000, which is a little harder to round up to $100 million. And again, we were extremely pleased that our agents grew their businesses and that we grew our share of their business. Over a two year period, FNTI practically doubled our revenues. That incredible statistic is a tribute to you, our independent agents, and the trust and support you give to our talented and dedicated team. I am thankful for every one of our milestones and recognize that they are only possible because of the hard working independent agent family that chooses FNTI on a daily basis...

DJ's Motivational Monday | Why We Love Our Work!
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's

It’s February when love is in the air and hearts and chocolates fill the stores. This makes me think of everything I love—my wife, son, parents, friends, and family. Do we love our jobs? I think for most of us, absolutely! We help people secure the titles to their homes, which to a majority of people is their most valuable possession. Is it hard? Yes, at times. Stressful? Yes, at times. Would you miss your job and everyone that goes with it if it were gone? Yes, I know I would. What the title industry does is important, and it makes a difference...

Underwriting Q&A | Are Transfer on Death Deeds effective mechanisms for transferring real property?
Underwriting Q & A's

Q: Are Transfer on Death Deeds effective mechanisms for transferring real property?

A: Texas – Yes. Through a recorded Transfer on Death Deed (“TODD”), a real property owner can designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to automatically receive the property upon the owner’s death. The beneficiary has no interest in the real property during the owner’s lifetime and, therefore, the owner retains full authority to transfer or encumber the property until his/her death. Effective September 1, 2015, the Texas legislature enacted the Texas Transfer on Death Deed Act as presented in SB 462. The legislative intent behind the Act is to create a statutory method for transferring real property without the expense of a probate proceeding...

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Underwriting Q&A | Is the statutory process of "bonding around" a filed mechanic's lien affidavit (MLA) always a potential remedy to closing the transaction without making payment to the contractor claiming the lien or excepting to the claim of lien in the policy?
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