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MARCH 2018
Out & About...

The TLTA was a sponsor for the recent Texas Historical Commission’s annual conference and Chris Phillips and Leslie Midgley joined the festivities of the Opening Ceremony which featured Ray Benson. The TLTA is proud to be a supporter of this association and Chris enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the Courthouse Preservation division and assist Leslie during their awards ceremony.


First National Title Insurance has your hours! We pride ourselves on one of the more extensive continuing educational programs in the industry. We offer live and on-demand webinars and seminars in-person for our agents as one of our value-added services. Call your agency representative for more information on how we may serve you.


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Messages from the CEO | Celebrate Independent Agent "March Madness" Month

We celebrate Independent Agent month in March because this was the month First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) was born.  On March 16, 2012, a short six years ago, FNTI received its Certificate of Authority to do business as a title insurance underwriter.  We have come a long way in six years, but we would be nothing without YOU, the hard-working, entrepreneurial-Independent Agent that made the decision to represent FNTI and issue our policies.  Your actions have allowed us to reach incredible milestones. So let’s celebrate together during this crazy “March Madness” month.  We are celebrating this month with our Independent Agent flag-photo contest.  Check out our website and Blog announcement for the rules. Be imaginative, a little crazy, and good luck. I am confident that 2018 will be a very good year for the title industry. We are positioned to take advantage of the programs and products we implemented last year and continue to help you grow your business...

George's Updates | "You Got a Friend"
George's Updates

First things first…no more daylight saving time! Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about what we want to become in your lives—a friend. Looking at our remittances (which are again on another record pace), it is interesting to see that the closer our relationship is with an agent, the greater the market share we receive. This is a simple enough concept, but the work to get there is not so simple and is one we wake up thinking about (albeit with an hour’s less sleep these days). One of our mottos, tag lines, mind sets, mantras, etc. is, “We want to take you from customer—to partner (and along with that our advocate)—to friend. Do me a favor and look at the three levels above and choose which category you place each of your underwriters (not just FNTI) and then ask yourself if the hard-earned remittances you send reflect where they are on this scale. Let’s get started...

DJ's Motivational Monday | Independent Agent's Month
DJ Horn's Motivational Monday's

Have you ever been so proud of something you just can’t help it? Being proud brings feelings of honor and respect to things we value and will always put a smile on any face. There is so much negative news these days that I have joked with my wife that I might start the “Hallmark Channel News Network” with nothing but positive news (I watched way too many Hallmark movies over the winter). The feel-good news I am proudest of is our relationships with the Independent Agent and the successes we have experienced with them over the past six years. These relationships are why we celebrate FNTI Independent Agents’ Month in March. FNTI was created specifically for the Independent Agent, and I am proud of the partnerships and trust that have been built in that time. We celebrate each of our agents and encourage you to send us photos of your staff with your FNTI flag. We love every photo you send us! Please join us in commemorating Independent Agents’ Month and post your FNTI flag photos on social media using #FNTIMonth to celebrate and honor you, our exceptional agents...

Underwriting Q&A | Can an attorney be a devisee in a will that he/she prepared?
Underwriting Q & A's

Q: Can an attorney be a devisee in a will that he/she prepared?

A: No. Section 254.003 of the Texas Estates Code recites that any gift made in a Will is void when the gift is made to 1) an attorney who prepares or supervises the preparation of the will; 2) a close family member of that attorney or employee of that attorney; or 3) the spouse of anyone in (1) or (2).  In addition, this section does not apply to (1) a devise made to a person who (A) is the testator’s spouse; (B) is an ascendant or descendant of the testator; or (C) is related within the third degree by consanguinity or affinity to the testator; or (2) a bona fide purchaser for value from a devisee in a will.

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Latest News | CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Way to show us "FNTIMarchMadness for #FNTIMonth!
Latest News

Congratulations to our winners! 

1st Place105 Likes – Texas Secure Title

2nd Place69 Likes – Kelli Owens & Capital Title – Post Oak

3rd Place59 Likes – Volusia Title


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