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JULY 2018
Out & About...

Chris Phillips and Bill Shaddock showing off their awards at the MM50 Awards Ceremony. First National Title Insurance Company was awarded the 18th spot of the Dallas Business Journal’s Middle Market 50 (MM50) award rankings.


 Members of the FNTI Team Travel to Austin, Texas to Attend the TLTA Conference! 


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AGENT SPOTLIGHT | Rachel Popper, P.A.

The Florida Division of FNTI is growing by leaps and bounds this quarter. One of Florida’s newer agents is Rachel Popper, P.A.  Rachel Popper, P.A. is an attorney owned and operated title agency in Palm Beach County, Florida. Attorney Rachel Popper serves as its general counsel and title agent. Rachel Popper was admitted to the Florida Bar Association in 2013. Prior to beginning her law practice, Rachel Popper worked as a real estate agent, where she gained experience in all types of transactions and real estate closings. As a native resident of South Florida in Palm Beach County, she is well informed on the current markets and regulatory climate for real estate. As a transnational attorney, she maintains an active interest in the regulations and practices in the real estate profession.

Rachel is excited to be a part of FNTI’s growing market and states, 
“I love FNTI because its Underwriting Counsel is readily available and FNTI goes above and beyond to help its agents.”  

Thanks Rachel and thank you for choosing First National Title Insurance Company as your underwriter!

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Message from the CEO | Full Time Focus

I had the honor and privilege to serve as the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) president from June, 2017 to June, 2018. At the TLTA Annual Conference last month, I reluctantly passed the gavel to John Martin, President of Lone Star Title. My only hesitation was that I was giving up a role at the TLTA that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a role which serves the entire industry – independent agents, associate members, underwriters and direct operations. The industry that I have been a part of for the past 34 years. The president works in conjunction with the full board of directors and professional staff of the TLTA, but It is the responsibility of the president to determine the direction and focus of our industry. That is what makes it such an honor to serve. Our long lineage of great past presidents understood this role and have contributed greatly to the success of our industry. I am confident in John Martin’s ability to lead our industry for the next year. He has the experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the coming year.

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DJ's Motivational Monday | Resilient Sales

So many people think that sales is easy, and in some ways it can be.  The hardest part about sales is when you don’t get the deal.  How resilient you are determines how successful you can be.  Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations.  No one likes to be in a difficult situation, but how we deal with it and bounce back requires a plan of action.  Too many times our egos or feelings are damaged making it difficult to handle the situation appropriately.  John Maxwell, a world-renowned author, has said there are two kinds of people–one that needs to feel good in order to do something and one that needs to do something in order to feel good.  I think that the latter is the resilient one with action required to feel good.  Mr. Maxwell goes on to say that action triggers emotion.  Your emotion must be filled with a fire that fuels your pride to be bigger than your quit.  That is your biggest challenge in sales.  Start with a plan, stay focused, and revisit the lost deal later.  Strive to be resilient and battle your way to success.

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UNDERWRITING Q&A | I came across a notary signature wirh reference to Florida Statute 118.10. Also, the document appears to be notarized in another country. Is this a valid notary acknowledgement?

A: The Florida law provides for a specialized type of notary certification, called an International Notary or Civil Law Notary. There are approximately 150 International Law Notaries appointed in Florida. To become an International Notary, one must be a member of the Florida Bar for at least five, pass an exam,  and be appointed by the Florida Secretary of State.

There are several benefits to using an International Notary. For real estate transactions overseas, an International Notary can be used to notarize a Warranty Deed and closing documents for real estate transactions involving property located in Florida. Instead of requiring a Seller to visit an Embassy for notarization of documents, the International Notary has power to notarize a document as if the principal, witnesses, and notary were located in the state in Florida. International Notaries also attest to the validity and content of the document; whereas a regular notary may only attest to the validity of a signature. As a member of the Florida bar, the International Notary can also offer legal advice pertaining to the document being acknowledged or verified....

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